Nicole Kay

Nicole Kay, L.M.P., NCTMB, C.S.M.S.


Nicole is a Licensed Massage Therapist in the State of Montanan, a Licensed Massage Practitioner in the State of Washingtonand and is a nationally certified Clinical Sports Massage Specialist. She graduated from Sealttle’s Brenneke School of Massage’s professional Licensing Program in 1996. She continued her education in graduate clinical sports massage. Nicole became a member of Washington State’s Sports Massage Team and the American Massage Therapists Association’s National Sports Massage Team. Nicole has worked with numerous amateur and professional athletes, including the Seattle Sonics professional basketball team and for the University of Washington’s collegiate athletes. Nicole now provides the MSU Athletic Department with treatment for their athletes.  She has been teaching a 1000 – 1500 hour program in Swedish Massage, Kinesiology, Anatomy/Physiology, Assessment, Ethics, a variety of treatment oriented techniques and Sports Massage for the past  years. Nicole was a member of Montana’s Bill Development Group Committee which wrote a bill for massage therapy licensure in the state of Montana.  She then participated in the Government Relations Committee that helped to pass the massag therapy legislation in 2009.  During this time Nicole represented Montana at the American Massage Therapy Association Government Sessions.  Her massage modalities include Swedish massage, Neuromuscular techniques, Myofascial and Lymphatic massage and continues her education in Neuromuscular Therapy and Lymphatic Facilitation.

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